Open Desk Office

Training and experience sharing, in the scope of the project's transfer and replication to the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and to the employees of the Lisbon Municipality

Sub-actions included:

  • Internal capacity building

Staff training and capacity building to ensure an homogeneous management of all green-infrastructure areas and, thus, increase the impact of the project and sustainability of its results. The target audience for this sub-action focuses on CML employees responsible for areas that integrate green infrastructure and subcontractors.

  • External support and training

Providing support to other municipalities within the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and to private owners or managers of other green areas, who wish to promote climate adaptation in their spaces.

Internal training and external support address, for example, the following topics:

  • Biodiverse rainfed meadows: installation and maintenance;
  • Water management: retention basins and monitoring systems for consumption;
  • Vegetation control methods: mechanical and non-mechanical (sheep);
  • Trees: planting, pruning, watering, etc.;
  • Management of invasive alien species;
  • Use of native species in urban green infrastructure.

Deadline: starting in 2021 and running throughout the project.