Planting trees and shrubs

Increase of tree cover density along Lisbon's urban green infrastructure

This action encompasses two sub-actions:

  • Planting trees along streets (4.000 plants)

To select the priority areas for planting trees along streets, information obtained through climatic models is used, being primarily considered areas with low density of green spaces: Arroios, Bairro das Colónias; Benfica, Telheiras and Campolide.

  • Large-scale planting of green areas (240.000 plants)

To establish priority areas for tree/shrubs planting, information from climate models currently underway to analyse Lisbon's urban heat island is used, as well as EMAAC's Climate Adaptation Strategy and Local Action Plan for Biodiversity.

These planting interventions may be supported by voluntary actions, through the program "plant your tree in Lisbon" and involvement of local social associations. A program to involve local communities in planting trees/shrubs and their monitoring is under development.

These plantations can be supported by volunteer actions through the "Plant your Tree in Lisbon" program and the involvement of local associations. A program for the involvement of local communities in the plantations is under development. 

The cost of this action has the greatest weight in the entire project, representing 36% of the total budget.



Timeframe: started in the fall of 2019 and is expected to end in late 2023, allowing the plantations to be adjusted to the climate, since the success of the plantation also depends on precipitation.