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Our team

LIFE LUNGS is led by the Lisbon City Council, in partnership with the Municipality of Malaga.


Lisbon City Council:

Lisbon City Council is the executive body of the municipality and its mission is to define and implement policies that promote the development of the municipality in different areas. Its attributions and legal regime are established by the Law of Local Authorities.

The CML team is responsible, within the scope of LIFE LUNGS, for ensuring the quality of the technical details of the project, coordinating the project, supervising subcontracted work and operational work, raising awareness and empowering citizens and developing communication mechanisms, dissemination and networking.

The Municipal Directorate for Environment, Green Structure, Climate and Energy (DMAEVCE) is responsible for coordinating the project, with the collaboration of other departments of the municipality.

Ayutamiento de Malaga (AM):

The city of Málaga has a long experience in urban and environmental issues. It was the first European city to win the United Nations Urban Best Practices award in 1998, and has also been in the avant-garde in the development of the New Urban Agenda 2015. Malaga City Council has managed a number of national and international projects and programs related to sustainable urban planning, environment, and climate change, such as the Action Plan for Climate and Sustainable Energy, under the framework of the Covenant of Mayors, with the target of carbon neutrality for 2050.

The city of Málaga will involve a technical team to accompany the CML’s work and subsequently design and later implement a technical project, which will include at least two of the actions tested and implemented in Lisbon, and also to participate in communication and networking activities. Málaga City Council is represented in the LIFE LUNGS project by the Environmental and Sustainability Area, which will be in charge of the implementation of measures for climate change adaptation in green urban areas in replication of Lisbon’s successful experience.

Gerência Municipal de Urbanismo, Obras e Infraestructuras

The Gerencia Municipal de Urbanismo, Obras e Infraestructuras is an autonomous public entity belonging to the Ayuntamiento de Málaga, which is in charge of the execution of public infrastructure works, the management of the city's urban planning and construction licenses and other aspects such as the management of municipal land and buildings.

For the LIFE LUNGS project, GMU is represented by the Urban Planning and European Programs departments, which will be involved in the management of the project as well as its coordination and implementation actions.