Replication and transfer

Transfer and replication results by stakeholder involvement

Sub-actions considered:

  • Replication of results in Malaga

This sub-action involves meetings throughout the project between CML team and Malaga municipality (AM) in order to support the development of an intervention plan in the green infrastructure of the Spanish city, focusing on at least two of LIFE LUNGS intervention areas: biodiverse rainfed meadows, water management and hydrological cycle regulation, non-mechanical maintenance of urban green areas and involvement of local communities.

  • Regional workshops (Mediterranean)

Two theoretical and practical workshops organized by the Municipality of Lisbon, including field visits to the project areas.
One of the possible themes of the workshops: Importance of urban green infrastructure in climate change adaptation, with special focus on the management of biodiverse dryland meadows in cities.

Target audience: other municipalities (national and European) in the Mediterranean region; private entities responsible for the management of green areas.

  • LIFE Platform meeting

Proposal from the Lisbon Municipality to organize a meeting of the LIFE Platform with the theme "Urban Green Infrastructure", as an adaptation to climate change in large cities. This sub-action reinforces again the replication and transfer of the project results, since it allows to gather experts and other municipality officials.

Timeframe: beginning in 2021 and until the end of the project.