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A new planting season is about to start

We are now preparing for the start of a new planting season, starting in November 2022. We intend to continue organizing some volunteer days, involving citizens, NGOs, the private sector and schools.

Planting with volunteers

Planting with volunteers

One of the key actions of LIFE LUNGS is to increase tree coverage density along Lisbon's urban green infrastructure, through the largescale planting of 240,000 trees and shrubs in the green spaces of the city. This initiative can, at times, be challenging for the municipality, as planting 240,000 plants in a short period of time (not more than 4 years), requires careful planning in terms of planting seasons, locations, human resources, as well as developing maintenance strategies, including watering solutions especially during the first years of the planting.

LIFE LUNGS has started in September 2019, and until May 2022 we have planted approximately 90.185 plants, of which at least 84% are of native species. From the non-native species, we considered species with good adaptability and resistance, already sub-spontaneous throughout the Mediterranean region, such as Amygdalus communis (Almonds) and Cercis siliquastrum (Judas tree). 

As part of this action, we have involved citizens on selected plantations. This has been enthusiastically received by the local community and many have been proactively contacting us to find out how to participate in these plantation actions. In all, so far, around 25,304 plants have been planted with the support of volunteers, and for that we would like to thank all participants for their fantastic support!