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The sheep go out again

The flock of sheep from the Olivais Pedagogical Farm, which is participating in our project, started today, April 12, a series of regular visits to the Bela Vista Park.

During April, the sheep will be in the park twice a week, where they will be natural agents of vegetation control and soil conservation.

On the spot, Catarina Bento, a student at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia and now a shepherdess in the middle of the city, reported on the initial reactions of the locals: "It was very funny to see the dynamics of people from the city seeing sheep for the first time".

The shepherdess, who is on site ready to answer any question, invites all Lisboners to come and see the sheep that trim the pasture and replace machinery, avoiding air pollution, while at the same time fertilising the dry meadow in a natural way.

"It's good for the sheep, it's good for the pasture and it's good for the people who live here," Catarina concluded.