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There are sheep pasturing in Lisbon

A flock with 23 sheep will help the capital adapting to climate change. They are a part of the project Life Lungs, which wants to use pastoring as a way to conserve the soil and plant maintenance.

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The first 23 sheeps from the project Life Lungs, coordinated by the City Council of Lisbon and cofunded by Brussels, already left the Quinta Pedagógica dos Olivais and pastured by the Parque da Bela Vista in the capital. This will be the first of 14 exits of the flock, expected untill may 2021.

The experimental initiative has the objective of "connecting the pastoring of animals to the maintenance of the biodiverse meadows of the city" explains the city council  for the Environment, Climate and Green infrastructures José Sá Fernandes.

The project Life Lungs was the first Life project won by the City Council of Lisbon and wants to continue the maintenance and growth of the city green infrastructures as a way to soften the heat waves and the water scarcity that are projected for a near future, making the city more resilient to temperature rising and strengthening the capacity of the carbon sinks.