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Towards a greener Lisbon: around 20 thousand trees were planted in four locations in the city

On January 12th, more than 20 thousand trees were planted in Lisbon. It is the first step towards making our capital even greener and reaching the LIFE LUNGS project’s goal of planting 240 thousand trees in the next 4 years.

This planting activity articulated the first major action of Lisboa Green Capital and the LIFE LUNGS project, financed with the support of the European Union. The initiative had about 4150 volunteers enrolled and distributed in 4 locations: Vale da Ameixoeira (Santa Clara), Vale da Montanha (Areeiro / Marvila), Corredor Verde de Monsanto and Rio Seco (Alto da Ajuda).

Almond trees, holm oaks, cork oaks, olive trees and lavenders were some of the plants chosen to help combat the most negative effects of climate change, such as the heat wave. “Whenever we have planting areas like these, the temperature in the vicinity can drop between three to five degrees centigrade. We already have this experience on Avenida da República where, after planting trees, the temperature dropped significantly, improving the quality of life ”, underlined Fernando Medina, Mayor of Lisbon.